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Teropan Consulting

Teropan Defence Tech

Thalarctos Intelligence

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7A84 CFF1 47E4 3A4C DE62 28C4 2689 AEF9 70B9 47CA
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Tel NO +47 408 45 871

Tel UK +44 737 555 6788

Tel ZA +27 10 534 8900

You can get in touch with us by using ths form. We will then get back to you within 48 hours. Although we appreciate that your request may be confidential, it is usefulif you can indicate in a few words what you are looking for and in which fieldof business you operate.

You can also send us an enxrypted text, using our PGP Public Key.


From time to time we work with reputable freelancers that are experts in their fields. If you believe you can offer us a unique set of skillsand experience, get in touch and wewill get back to you for a confidential chat to seeif you may be a fit for our strategic needs.

We always appreciate hearing from candidates that think they can contribute to our company and offer a unique set of capabilities and experience. We rarely hire people with less than 10 years work experience in relevant fields though.

PGP Fingerprint:
7A84 CFF1 47E4 3A4C DE62 28C4 2689 AEF9 70B9 47CA                                                                     Download Public Key 
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